Hiroshima Law Review
Issue 3
Date of Issue:2007-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1880-1897
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
The Dedication
Tanabe, Makoto;
PP. 3 - 4
PP. 5 - 18
Career and achievements of Professor Kiichi Goto
Katagi, Haruhiko;
PP. 19 - 21
A comparative study of auditing system under between the Company Law and the Stock Exchange Law in Japan <Articles>
Kishida, Masao;
PP. 23 - 48
The Legal Character of the Discounting of Bills and the Acceleration Clause <Articles>
Goto, Kiichi;
PP. 49 - 77
Meaning and Feature of Whole Business Securitisation <Articles>
Kinoshita, Masatoshi;
PP. 79 - 98
The Conference held by the Association of American Law Schools in Vancouver <Articles>
Satou, Takafumi;
PP. 99 - 104
Arbitre du projet du Code de commerce de Professeur Roesler et Juge-arbitre en France <Articles>
Kohari, Yoshiaki;
PP. 105 - 120
Die Sicherungsuebertragung vom Grundstueck und das Grundbuch <Articles>
Toriyabe, Shigeru;
PP. 121 - 144
Memorandum on Criminal Prosecution of Multiple Offenses <Articles>
Okubo, Takashi;
PP. 145 - 176
Directors' Liability over Fair Accounting Practice : The Case of Nippon Long Term Credit Bank <Articles>
Katagi, Haruhiko;
PP. 177 - 196
Reflexionen über Organisationszwang (3) <Articles>
Mitsui, Masanobu;
PP. 197 - 226
Ein Plan zur Re-systematisierung der strafrechitlichen Lehren zur Gesetzesanwendung <Articles>
Oda, Naoki;
PP. 227 - 262
The influence for foreign-owned companies by the reform of Chinese Company Law <Articles>
Weng, Cheng Feng;
PP. 263 - 277
Die Scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung beim Notar in Deutschland <Translation>
Köstler, Oliver Franz; Kamitani, Yu;
PP. 279 - 294
The character of current company law of China <Notes>
Zhang, Guoyan;
PP. 295 - 310
Le principe de lex loci <Notes>
Kohari, Yoshiaki;
PP. 311 - 318
Result of survey "Demand for Legal Consultation of Corporations in Hiroshima" <Research Report>
Legal Service Center;
PP. 319 - 324