Hiroshima Law Review Issue 14
2018-03-20 発行

をいう・という・含む・除く・限る : 法令用語釈義 その6

Legal Term Usage No.6: O-iu, To-iu, Fukumu, Nozoku, Kagiru
This article is one of series of the Study of Legal Term Usage in Japanese law. In the 6th Study I analyse five legal terms followings: (1) O-iu (mean), (2) To-iu (refer), (3) Fukumu (include), (4) Nozoku (exclude), (5) Kagiru (limit). Using these terms in the parenthesis als predicate, the legislator give the prescriptions to all the interpreters to difine the concepts respectively. I try to define each term from the new perspective.
In addion, I give the brief history of using the parenthesis in the statute law at the period of the codification in modern Japan.