Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 9
2003-03-20 発行

学生のアウトリーチ活動 : 体験塾センス・オブ・ワンダー・in福富の例

Outreach Activity of University Students : A Case of Experience Cram School, Sense of Wonder in Fukutomi
Namba, Hisaka
The experience cram school, sense of wonder in Fukutomi, started at Mitsuhashi in Fukutomi town in April, 2002. The school is carried out by the collaboration of the volunteers in the area and students of graduate school of education of Hiroshima University. This school is a playground on the third Saturday in every month for seventeen pupils in and around this area. The graduate students has played an important role in both making and practicing the program of activities which is regarded as an outreach activity of university students. The school is to be placed on one of the occasion of the various experiences to become a teacher for the student.