Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 8
2002-03-20 発行


Relationships between Students' Self-Educational Ability and Resilience
Shimizu, Masuharu
Ishida, Megumu
Tominaga, Mihoko
Hiew, Chok C.
This study investigated the relationships of students' self-educational ability with resilience. A total of 789 students completed two kinds of questionnaires which measure their self-educational ability in their college age and their resilience. The major findings were as follows: (1) It was found that the resilience consists of the following four factors; Factor 1 (I AM), i.e., knowing who I am and acquiring positive self-concept, Factor 2 (I HAVE), i.e., having rich social support, Factor 3 (I CAN), i.e., problem-solving ability, and Factor 4 (I WILL [or I DO]), i.e., being optimistic about the future and having high self-regulational ability. (2) The students who had high resilience scores showed high self-educational abilities than those who had low resilience scores. These results were discussed in relation to the conditions to foster students' self-educational ability and the hot debate on recent national curriculum reform.
self-educational ability
educational policy