Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 8
2002-03-20 発行

盲児の点字触読速度の発達に関する事例的研究 : 時間測定法による指導を通して

Development of Braille Reading in a Child with Early Blind
Kobayashi, Hideyuki
Akiyama, Tsutomu
Mizuta, Naomi
The purpose of this study was to investigate the development of braille reading rate. A subject was a child with early blind after 3 years old. From a first grader to a third grader, the subject received training of braille reading with the time measurement method. The training was introduced into a right hand reading, a left hand reading, order of both hands reading. As a result, the rate of reading was the right hand reading, the both hands reading, the speed of left hand reading. The improvement of speed of left hand reading is slow. This reason was it had weak consciousness by comparison with speed of right hand reading. At the time of third grader, the braille reading rate improved to the necessary speed on learning.