Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 8
2002-03-20 発行


An Empirical Study on Trainees' Concern about Teaching in Physical Education at the Attached Primary Schools of the Hiroshima University
Matuda, Yasusada
This study aims to grasp the extent of the implementation about trainees' planning and teaching in PE lessons at the attached primary schools of the Hiroshima University. Furthermore this study aims to clarify the change of trainees' concern about teaching in PE lessons before and after the school experiences.The results are summarised as follows: 1)During the school experiences, over half trainees(55%) taught PE lessons and also over half trainees(61%) planned the PE lessons. It is expects that more trainees teach and plan the PE lessons by introducing the team teaching method into the way of teaching by trainees. 2)In our initial teacher training course for primary school teachers, it seems that the PE programme should be improved to make the relationship with the school experiences and deal with the trainee students' concern about teaching PE lessons after the school experiences.