Hiroshima journal of school education
Volume 7
Date of Issue:2001-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1341-111X
Publisher : Center for School Education Research and Development, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Differences between Teachers and Student Teachers in Nursing Behaviors
Inoue, Wataru; Akagi, Tomoko; Hirowatari, Ryo; Mochiduki, Etsuko; Ikeda, Akiko; Matsushima, Hanae; Harada, Tomoe;
PP. 1 - 8
A Basic Study on Recognition of Facial Expressions in People with Autistic Disorder I
Wakamatsu, Akihiko;
PP. 21 - 27
Using Computer in Art Education : Learning from Singapore's Experience
Wakamoto, Sumio; Mazlinah Bte Haji Mohamad Noor;
PP. 29 - 38
Relationship between Topography and Geology : A Study on Teaching Material for Developing the Concept of Time and Space in Science Education
Yamasaki, Hirofumi; Kanoe, Hiroaki;
PP. 99 - 104
Cutting Force in Machine Boring of Wood with Augar Bit : Lifting Force of Wood by Augar Bit and Safety Working
Banshoya, Kaoru; Ohuchi, Takeshi; Iwasawa, Kojiro;
PP. 125 - 130