Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 4
1998-03-20 発行


An Examination of "Making Fantastic 'Oops' Mobile Toys" in Arts and Crafts
Nakaba, Naoya
We can hardly say that art education in Japan as it is justifiably evaluated. At the same time, it would be regrettably true to say that we can observe very few practices of art education worthy of justifiable evaluation.

In the present art education, we can recognize many situations where teachers either stick to the traditional view of art education or they never challenge the ways of art education based upon their personal experiences.

Under these circumstances, at present, the authors are declaring the idea of three-H's (Heart, Head, and Hand) approach to art education as a way of defining the appropriate state of art education.

The present article aims to give a general idea about three-H's approach to art education and to introduce its concrete procedure by citing a sample classroom lesson.