Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 28
2022-03-18 発行


A Model Analysis of the Influence of Early Childhood Experiences and Family Environment on Future Interest in Science at Elementary School
Nakamura, Daiki
Horita, Koki
The purpose of this study is to conduct an exploratory analysis using a statistical model of the effects of early childhood experiences and family environment on interest in learning science in the fourth grade, and to examine whether there are issues that should be addressed before entering elementary school. Secondary analysis will be conducted using data provided by a panel survey (Japanese Longitudinal Study of Children and Parents: JLSCP). The model analysis using the structural equation modeling method indicated that F3 (remembering and thinking) as a strength and weakness in the first grade influenced the interest in learning science in the fourth grade. However, since the r-squeare of this model is low, the variables will be used in the analysis need to be further examined.
early childhood
Japanese longitudinal study of children and parents
interest in sience