Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 28
2022-03-18 発行

学級活動の良さや進め方を伝える絵本開発(2) : 学ぶ主体である児童を対象とした質問紙調査

Survey for Children about Picture Book that Convey the Significance of Class Activities(2)
Matsumoto, Kouji
Hashimoto, Kumi
Hirota, Makoto
Kage, Nahoko
Yamamoto, Kosuke
Kawahara, Yoko
Yokoyama, Kenji
Kishimoto, Katsuyoshi
Wakamatsu, Misa
This study examined the usefulness of picture book developed to show the significance of class activities and how to proceed with them. From the results, it was inferred that reading the developed picture book promoted (1) understanding how to compare and decide, (2) understanding to cooperate, (3) understanding how to proceed with discussion activities, (4) attitude toward discussion activities. In addition, it became clear that most of the children were attracted to the practical scenes, and in the discussion activities, they were attracted to the proposed scenes. This result was almost the same for children in the special needs class.
picture book
class activities