Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 28
2022-03-18 発行

Web調査に基づく小学校における漢字学習指導の実態 : 学習方略指導に着目して

Kanji Learning Instructions in Elementary Schools in Japan through Web Surveys: Focusing on Instruction of Learning Strategies
Iwamoto, Masaya
In this study, we conducted a web survey focusing on teaching Kanji learning strategies among 151 elementary school teachers in Japan. Using both open-ended and Likert-type questions, we investigated how teachers instructed their students’ Kanji learning. Analysis of the open-ended questions revealed that while many elementary school teachers teach children about the forms of Kanji characters, few teach children effective learning strategies. Analysis of the Likert-type questions indicated that the rehearsal strategy was taught less often than other types of instruction. The results also indicated that metacognitive strategies based on self-correction were taught more than other instructions. Although the results of this study showed different trends depending on the open-ended and Likert-type questions, the results of the open-ended questions suggest that not necessarily many teachers explicitly teach effective Kanji learning strategies. It is expected that classroom observations that accurately reflect the actual situation will be conducted in the future.
本研究はJSPS 科研費 19H01756 の助成を受けたものです。
Kanji learning
learning strategy
elementary school teachers