Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

教師教育における教科連携の試み : 大学院「学力・コンピテンシーデザイン基礎研究」の成果と課題

A study of collaboration in subject teacher education in case of a course: “Basic study of designing academic abilities and competencies in school education” at graduate school
In this study, we developed subject teacher training course for developing the competencies required of teachers in order to nurture the academic abilities and competencies of students at school. We set up opportunities for the students to engage in collaborative learning tasks beyond their majors, in addition to examining the academic abilities and competencies required in the subjects. Through the activities, the students were exposed to a variety of opinions and reexamined their own view of academic abilities and competencies from various perspectives. On the other hand, how to follow up with students’ diverse interests and how to set up common tasks and activities in class could be improved.
subject teacher education
course design