Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

小学校教員養成コースにおける教職科目間の連携に関する事例研究 : 体育科・音楽科において教師に求められる道徳的視点に着目して

A Case Study of Cross-Curricular Cooperation in an Elementary School Teacher’s Training Course: Focusing on Moral Dimension in the Teaching of Physical Education and Music Education at Elementary Schools
Currently, the elementary school teacher training curriculum requires cross-curricular cooperation in a variety of subjects. Although there are many possibilities for such collaboration, the authors’ have chosen to focus on the moral perspective required of teachers in the teaching of their subjects. The moral dimension is not limited to ethics subjects called “Tokubetsu no kyouka doutoku”, but it is necessary in relation to the content of all subjects. Based on this, the authors conducted discussion-oriented classes for students of the elementary school teacher-training course in the A University, and examined the results and issues related to the moral dimension of the classes in physical education and music education.
Consequently, we confirmed that this experience deepened the multifaceted understanding of the content of each subject, and that the students acquired a cross-curricular perspective and recognized the necessity of the moral dimension. On the other hand, we feel the content of inter-subject cooperation needs to be further improved based on the learners' experience of each subject and curriculum in order for all students to benefit from this experience.
elementary school
cross-curricular cooperation
teacher training
moral education