Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

「学び続ける教員」を育成するアクティブ・ラーニング型教員研修の実践 : 自主参加研修の事例に関する一考察

Practicing active learning teacher training to develop “Teachers as Continuous Learners”: A study on the case of self-paticipation training
The purpose of this study is to examine a case study of an active learning teacher training program that has been tried and tested with the aim of fostering “Teachers as Continueous Learners”, and to identify what is the important elements for the development of “Teachers as Continueous Learners”.
The results of the Case 1, the voluntary training group scored significantly higher than the general group on "training approach," "emotional engagement," "behavioral engagement," and "learning bridging,". In Case 2, all of the participants in the training showed high motivation to participate in the next training. Categorical analysis of the reasons for their participation revealed the following categories: "Deepening of learning," "Significance of interaction," "Understanding of concrete conditions," "Empowerment," and "Recognition of the importance of AL externalization.
Although the participants' motivation was expected to be high in the two workshops, it was suggested that the participants' satisfaction with the training and their willingness to participate in the next workshop may be enhanced by the fact that they were encouraged to interact with each other in small groups about specific instructions and to externalize AL and LB.
teacher training program
learning blidging
Teachers as Continuous Learners