Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

教員養成課程における教科横断的な授業の可能性 : 〈美〉の多様性と〈善〉との関係性を議論する授業実践を振り返って

Cross-curricular Class in the Teacher Training Course: Discussing the Diversity of Beauty and Its Relationship with Goodness
One of the special subjects dealt with in moral education is “impression and awe.” “Beauty and nobility,” the object of “impression and awe”, is often associated with the concept of "goodness" in moral education, but it is not generally dealt with in other subjects. Against this background, the authors of this study created and conducted a collaborative lesson between a moral education and a music class for students in the teacher training course in Hiroshima University. The content of the class discussed the relationship between “beauty” and “goodness,” starting with the diversity of “beauty” in the field of art. A survey was conducted before and after the class to examine changes in students' consciousness. The results revealed a change in trainees’ awareness of the diversity of “beauty” and a deepening of their interest in cross-curricular learning.
cross-curricular class
music education
moral education
teacher training