Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

「にこにこルーム」の教育臨床プログラムが教員としての力量形成に及ぼす効果 : 大学院卒業生のPAC分析による比較

The Research on the Effects of the Development of Competencies of Teacher Training Program through Clinical Education Practicum; the comparison by PAC analysis of graduates from master’s program.
Liu, Yijie
Kurihara, Shinji
This study is to verify the effectiveness of clinical training program in teacher training. The Center of Educational Research and Practice provides variation of practicum opportunities for the graduate students in teacher training program, aimed to enhance their competencies as a teacher. Data was collected by structured interview using PAC (Personal Attitude Construct) analysis to verify difference between three groups of six graduates who had no participation, partial participation, and full participation. The results showed partial and full participation group had built confidence in their assessment skills and intervention skills for children as well as ability to search for methods dealing with children and parents in school settings. Additionally, the full participation group, who experienced providing individual social skills training to children, showed higher confidence by systemizing their experience of training program in practice, and formed positive self-perception about own skills. However, all group showed difficulty in modifying the theory and methods they had learned into their practices.
teacher training
clinical education
PAC analysis