Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行


How can ‘Social Justice-oriented Health and Physical Education’ Contribute to the Problem of "Disparities" among Children?
Oshiro, Honoka
Isomura, Minako
Matsumoto, Miyu
Murakami, Haruna
Aodun, Qiqige
Hamamoto, Aiko
The purpose of this study was to focus on social justice in health and physical education and to review the previous studies on social justice-oriented health and physical education classes and teachers of health and physical education. In order to achieve this purpose, the literature review was used supporting the framework of justice, practice, and teacher training proposed by Cochran-Smith et al. (2010).
As a result of examining previous studies on social justice-oriented health and physical education, the following four points were clarified; (1) The lack of research on teacher training within the health and physical education field, comparing with the amount of previous work done on practical research. (2) Differences in the research on the disparity in health and physical education at elementary, junior-high, and high-school levels. (3) Inequality of studies on physical education and health education regarding gender equality, sexual minorities, gender role image. (4) Difficulties and factors inhibiting the development of inclusive education classes during teacher training curriculum.
The findings of this study promote the perspective of social justice, which no one should be excluded by their background or abilities, and the concept of social justice would be adopted by physical education teachers and their children.
social justice
health and physical education
literature review