Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

平和の意味の再構築をめざす概念探究学習 : 広島叡智学園の未来創造科の実践を手がかりに

Concept-based teaching and learning for reconstructing the meaning of peace: a practice of integrated study in Hiroshima Global Academy
Moriya, Fujihiko
Oguri, Yuki
Tatara, Yusuke
Takushima, Hirotaka
Morozumi, Ryohei
Ono, Sota
Kubo, Haruna
Okumura, Naoki
Sun, Yuke
Takamatsu, Shohei
Tamai, Shinya
Masaki, Shoya
Watanabe, Tappei
The aim of this study is to design the peace education unit, which support the students to achieve the two goals: (1) to reconstruct their own notions of peace, and (2) to acquire interdisciplinary concepts and apply them to find and describe the (non-)peaceful situations in our usual life. Therefore, we developed and implemented a concept based inquiry unit (18 class hours) at Hiroshima Global Academy (HiGA) middle school by contextualize the previous unit plan into the integrated learning program on “Global Justice.” As a result, we could choose the six concepts explaining a nonviolent but threatening the peaceful governance, human relation, and agency, demonstrate the social examples to apply them, and set a controversy defining the criteria of peace. The first outcome of this study is that we show the curricular-instructional gatekeeping adjusting to the school context of HiGA. The second is to find the relations between the students' learning of peace concepts and the reconstruction of peace notion.
peace education
concept-based learning
global justice