Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 27
2021-03-19 発行

地層の空間配置の理解を促進するための学習プログラム : 異なる空間スケールの学習材の併用に関する予察的研究

A learning program to promote understanding of the spatial arrangement of strata: A preliminary study of the use of learning materials at different spatial scales
Egawa, Sen
Hisamori, Koki
The purpose of this study is to develop a learning program for estimating the spatial arrangement of the strata based on the measurement of strike and dip by using a desk scale geological block model as an adjunct to field observation practice. In order to estimate the extent of the strata at two outcrops of an isolated small island-like landscape in Fujie, Fukuyama, we devised a learning activity to compare the boundaries of the strata with the actual extent of the strata by drawing the boundaries on the surface of a small square sponge as a model of the island-like landscape. The students' impressions of this method were positive.
learning program
spatial arrangement
learning material
geological block model