Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行

乳児‐保育者間の愛着関係の形成過程 : 相互作用の質的分析による検討

The process of development of infant-nursery teacher attachment: An examination on their interactions by using qualitative data
Ueda, Nao
Tamazaki, Akira
The purpose of this study was to examine the processes of development and change of attachment between an infant and his nursery teachers in detail by qualitative data. The subject of the study was an infant who had developed insecure attachment among his initial attachment figure. He was observed for 9 months (July-March). In the first term (July-August), he showed attachment behavior to several teachers. The interactions between the infant and each teacher were analyzed. There were several interactions by each teacher, and the responses of the infant to each teacher were also different.
infant-nursery teacher attachment
style of teacher’s intervention
qualitative data
longitudinal study