Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行

どのように現職教師から教師教育者へ移行するのか : 連続的・漸次的に移行した教師教育者に注目して

How do Japanese teachers become teacher educators in higher education?
Osaka, Yu
This article examines the challenges new teacher educators who newly entered the univcrstity face in establishing their identities and how to deal with those challenges. The data collected for whole study to analyze the tensions arising for ten teacher educators in their experience as teacher educators and this paper particularly focused on the two of them who showed smaller gap between teacher and teacher educators. This is because they would have a potential to provide the important suggestions for the support toward new teacher educators. We focused on the data from before they became teacher teachers, not only after they became teacher teachers as Lortie (1975) argued the “Apprenticeship of observation”, namely, education for teacher educators has already begun since they were the pre-service teachers. The findings of the study show that, the interviewee faced challenges about their three new roles, teachers of teachers, researchers and curriculum developers to establish their new professional identities. To tackle these challenges, they employed the professional network and communities which they had already participated in. From these findings, we suggested that meeting both of the challenges new teacher educators requires the third space which are placed between university and schools.
teacher educator
teacher education
transition from teacher to teacher educators