Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行

小学校におけるCLIL体育の授業実践に関する事例研究 : 「跳び箱運動×感嘆詞」の内容的視点から

A Case Study of Efforts to Introduce “CLIL Taiiku” at Public Elementary School: Practice as “Vaulting horse with exclamation”
Hamamoto, Aiko
Shiraishi, Tomoya
Akamatsu, Issei
Aodun, Qiqige
Shiraishi, Ai
Tsuji, Ryota
Oshiro, Honoka
Isomura, Minako
The purposes of this study are following two points; (1) to report a practice of “CLIL Taiiku” in elementary school, (2) to clarify achievements and issues of the practice, and the possibility of “CLIL Taiiku”. “Taiiku” means physical education in Japanese, and the reason why we use Japanese word is to look for Japanese way for CLIL in PE. Specifically, the practice was carried out for 6th and 5th grades. In order to clarify the results and issues of these classes, we conducted a group interview survey with teachers who practiced these classes and observers. The contents were analyzed using the KJ method (Kawakita, 1986).
As a result, CLIL and “Taiiku” are compatible, and it can be suggested that “CLIL Taiiku” has a positive effect on community creation between pupil and pupil, pupil and teacher, and also teacher and teacher in the school. On the other hand, there were some issues about teacher, such as English level and burden on “CLIL Taiiku”.
physical education
elementary school