Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行

Effects of a basketball unit in a physical education class on junior high school students’ physical fitness

Suzuki, Koya
Tsuda, Ryosuke
The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of a basketball unit in a junior high school physical education class on participating students’ physical fitness. The subjects were 26 male students who were in first year of junior high school. Over six physical-education classes, the participants played mini-basketball games. We measured objective outcomes using a pre- and post-unit skill test (30-second free-throw shooting test) and a pre- and post-unit fitness test (150-meter sprint, comprising six 25-meter sprints with changes of direction, and with 30-second rests in between). At the end of each session, we administered subjective questionnaire surveys to the students regarding technique and tactics technical skills, physical fitness, and psychological aspects. After completing the program, another questionnaire was conducted regarding performance skill, attitude, and knowledge and decision-making. The main results were as follows:
1. The average of scores and shots in the skill test did not significantly differ between the pre- and post-unit tests.
2. Average performance in the fitness test was significantly higher in the post-unit test.
Based on our findings, we conclude that this basketball-teaching program is effective for enhancing physical fitness levels; however, no improvements in technique were observed.
Ball game
Physical fitness
PE class