Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行

多様性理解をめざした日本史授業開発 : 単元「満州事変期における新聞の論調変化とジャーナリズム論」の場合

A Japanese History lesson for understanding diversity
Takamatsu, Shohei
Tamai, Shinya
Morozumi, Ryohei
Aomoto, Kazuki
Shinoda, Hirofumi
Masaki, Shoya
Kubo, Haruna
Okumura, Naoki
This study proposes the Japanese history lesson aiming for promoting deeper understanding diversity because the previous studies in relation to historical inquiry in Japan did not mention about connection with diversity. After conducting the lessons, we found that students mentioned the differences of people’s value between past and present based on the social structure and notions. At the end of study we suggested the reform of history education have more possibilities to develop democratic citizenship.
history lesson
procedural concepts
historical inquiry