Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 26
2020-03-20 発行


A Survey of Movement Assessment by Pupils Utilizing Video Resources in Primary School Physical Education Classes
Tomioka, Hirotake
The purpose of this study was to clarify the current situation of movement assessment by pupils in order to determine effective utilization methods of video resources in physical education classes. We examined what pupils focus on and what criteria they employ when assessing movement from video images. The results follow:
1) Pupils assessed movement based on knowledge concerning technical points taught in class; however, there were some different viewpoints in the assessment criteria, although assessment viewpoints were shared among pupils.
2) Many pupils in the group, for which viewpoints of movement assessment were not set, assessed technical points not taught in class.
These results suggest that it is important to not only show assessment viewpoints but also share assessment criteria for pupils’ observation activities in physical education classes. Additionally, the findings suggest that because pupils performed their assessments based on knowledge learned outside class, teachers need to proceed with teaching while checking the basis for pupils’ assessments.
physical education class
Movement assessments
video resources