Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

「授業構想力」からワークショップ型校内研修の成果をいかに俯瞰するか : X市中学校保健体育部会の研修を事例として

How to Overview the Outcome of Workshop-Type School Training through “Lesson Planning Ability”: A Case of Teacher Training in Physical Education in X City
Hamamoto, Akiko
Nakagawa, Ko
Muromoto, Keisuke
Shiraishi, Ai
Tsuji, Ryota
Aodun, Qiqige
The purpose of this study is to overview how physical education teachers at junior high schools can acquire “lesson planning ability” through participation in workshoptype (WS-type) school training. According to this case study, the findings can be summarized in three points: (1) physical education teachers improved in their “lesson planning ability” through preparation of a guidance plan in WS-type school training and in exchange with others. (2) WS-type school training functions as a place to learn theory, a place to output, a place to deepen exchange between teachers, a place to share knowledge, and a place to contribute to the training of teachers’ “lesson planning abilities.” (3) Cooperation with schools, educational committees, and universities is indispensable in order to carry out “subjective, cooperative, and active” WS-type in school training.
workshop-type school training
lesson planning ability
professional development of physical education teachers