Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行


A Report on Overseas Teaching Practicum by Graduate Students in Elementary/Secondary Schools in the United States (XII)
Ito, Kenshiro
Enohara, Akari
Komatsu, Yukiho
Fukuda, Rintaro
Miyashima, Yuki
Watanabe, Shingo
This paper reports on the overseas teaching practicum in the U.S., which was supposed to be the 12th time this year. Eight students joined this year’s program and they prepared for the practicum in the U.S. They met regularly to discuss the lesson plans and deepen their understanding on how to create a lesson and what scaffolding steps they should prepare for conveying messages to American children who know little about Japanese culture and having different background from us. Unfortunately, just a few days before the departure, we had to give up our visit to the U.S. since there was a high chance of a hurricane hitting the area we were to visit. Though we could not make our visit in September, instead we held a forum in November and exchanged discussion on the impact of the program to the participants and the schools which accept us. The details of the lesson plans and the forum are reported in this paper.
global education
overseas teaching practicum
crosscultural understanding