Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

競走を主題化した長距離走授業の成果と課題 : 中学生の長距離走に対する愛好的態度の変容に着目して

Achievements and Challenges of Long-Distance Race Classes Focusing on Competition: Focusing on the Positive Change in Junior High School Students’ Attitudes towards Long-Distance Races
Matsumoto, Yusuke
Hamamoto, Akiko
In this study, we conducted long-distance race classes focusing on competition (Takashima et al., 2017) for junior high school students. The purposes of this study were to analyze whether students’ attitudes toward long-distance races became more positive and the determinants of this change, as well as to consider achievements and challenges of the long-distance race classes focusing on competition. The results are summarized as follows. (1) The students’ attitudes toward long-distance races became more positive, with significant pre-post differences (p<0.05). As a factor behind this finding, in the review after the classes, 60% of students responded that “classes were enjoyable overall,” so it can be said that they were able to experience the enjoyment of competition in the classes. (2) The two methods devised in this study were effective for urging students to proactively engage in long-distance race classes. (3) After the classes, 33% of the students answered, “I don’t like long-distance races.” Thus, it seems that the experience of pleasures from competition were insufficient to compensate for the physical distress of long-distance races.
long-distance race classes
positive attitude