Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

主体的な歴史的探究を促す日本史授業開発 : 単元「摂関政治と院政」の場合

How to plan and conduct Japanese history lesson aiming to promote historical inquiry: A case of “Sekkanseiji To Insei”
Kido, Natsumi
Aomoto, Kazuki
Kubo, Haruna
Shinoda, Hirofumi
Takeshita, Kohei
This study proposes the Japanese history lesson plan integrating active historical inquiry by student themselves. Historical inquiry has been regarded as an important strategy to history education fostering democratic citizenship. However, the previous studies in Japan did not seem to clarify the characteristics of historical inquiry and how to apply in the classroom because most of them focused only on the motivation of students. We established the three principles to develop the lesson plan; 1) Procedural concepts are shown to the students explicitly; 2) Various resources is necessary for making diverse historical resources; 3)various activities for promoting active learning by students should be prepared. After conducting the lessons, we found that students actively engaged the class and develop their own historical interpretation. At the end of study, we proposed the future possibilities for bigger reform of history curriculum.
historical inquiry
substantive/procedural concept
Japanese history