Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

ドイツの中等地理教科書『Diercke Geography Bilingual』における国際理解単元のコンピテンシー育成

Competency of Education for Interntional Understanding: By analyzing Dircke Geography: For Bilingual Classes in Germany
Sakaue, Hiroaki
Murata, Sho
Yokogawa, Satoshi
Pan, Yihan
Tong, Yaqina
Abe, Narumi
Ikeda, Aoi
Kuramoto, Takashi
Iwasa, Yoshiya
Ikeda, Naoki
Ueno, Hiroyuki
Tomita, Daichi
Fujimura, Taichi
Yoritomi, Shugo
This paper aims to clarify the characteristics of learning units on Education for International Understanding (EIU) and their structure, appropriate geographical teaching materials on EIU, streategies for competence acquisition, and perspectives of ESD within learning units on EIU by analyzing two learning units “Globalisation” and “Global Disparities” in the geography textbook for bilingual lesson ”Diercke Geography: For Bilingual Classes”. The results of the analysis showed that 1)“Globalisation” focuses on the theories of globalisation and “Global Disparities” aims to learn not only theories but also regionl images; 2) Competency is repeatedly acquired through different learning activities ; 3) “Global Disparities” is designed from the viewpoint of “think globally, act locally”.
Geography education
Textbook for bilingual lesson