Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行


Case Study of Extracurricular Technological Activities based on Participant Observation and Examination of Teaching Method
Tanaka, Yuya
Ogino, Tetsuya
This paper presents a case study of extracurricular technological activities based on participation observation concerning the teaching method. Participation observation was conducted by setting the framework of activities as “activities involved in making products by using technology” and “collaborative and cooperative activities in groups".” As a result, these case examples of extracurricular technological activities were examined from the perspective of student learning and teacher instruction. One apparent problem was the lack of a clear strategy in the production and design of the activities, resulting in repeated trial and error. The problem of teacher instruction with regard to making products in time for the contest deadline is that the function and shape of the students’ products are similar. Based on this problem, a method of teaching extracurricular technological activities was proposed to provide proper instruction for the extension leaning of ceramics and discipline in the school
Extracurricular activities
Teaching method
Participant observation