Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行


A survey on recognition of the "bryophytes" targeting university students
Uehigashi, Daichi
Kobayashi, Makoto
Tanaka, Ayumi
Yamaguchi, Daisuke
The aim of the present study was to grasp the current situation of university students' understanding about the bryophytes. The survey was conducted on 49 students of National University "A", Faculty of Education. The contents of the questionnaire were (1) ability to distinguish the bryophytes, (2) knowledge about bryophytes, and (3) attitudes toward the bryophytes and science classes, nature experiences. The results were as follows. In the question (1), it was difficult to distinguish the bryophytes from the lichens or the algae. In the question (2), many students did not understand the classification and reproduction of the bryophytes. Factor analysis was conducted on the result of the question (3), and calculated Pearson’s correlation coefficient with the question (1) or (2). As the results, weak correlations (.227, .235) were observed between the total score of question (1) and the factors "interests in the bryophytes" or "interests in science (biology)". Weak correlation (.246) was also observed between "knowledge on reproduction of bryophytes" and "positive nature experiences". These results suggested that there are relevance between distinguishing or understanding and attitude of the bryophytes. However, more detailed examination is required.
university students