Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

小学校体育科の思考力・判断力を評価するための動画テストの開発(2) : 4画面同時再生映像を活用して

Development of video tests for elementary school physical education to assess pupil’s ability to think and judge: Utilization of simultaneously reproduced four-split screen videos
Mikami, Hayato
This study is a follow-up report of a study by Osedo et al. (2018), wherein a video test in which pupils “think and judge” based on the knowledge gained in physical education classes was developed. In this study, we developed a new video test that simultaneously reproduces video images with two technical differences on a four-split screen. We then administered a survey to third grade students to examine whether there were any differences in their viewpoints when observing the video.
The results from an analysis of the data suggest that if a teacher wants his or her students to “think and judge” based on the observation of physical exercise from several viewpoints, a four-split screen video acts as a teaching material that requires more comprehensive “thinking and judging” as compared to Osedo et al.’s (2018) test. However, because of the increase in the number of video images, students may have developed dispersed observation viewpoints; therefore, a further examination of developmentally appropriate utilization methods is necessary.
physical education
video tests