Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 25
2019-03-20 発行

にこにこルームの学習支援プログラムが学生の力量に及ぼす効果(9) : 平成29年度の学生を対象とした質問紙調査

Effects of Niko Niko Room’s educational support program on students’ ability formation (9): Survey results of students who participated in the programs of 2017
Horii, Junpei
The educational support programs offered at the Niko Niko Room of the Center for School Education and Research of Hiroshima University enable university students to support school children with their studies, especially arithmetic. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the educational support programs of 2017 on university students. Data of 62 students who answered questionnaires before and after the program was analyzed. Of the 62 students, 28 students did the actual study support and 34 students observed the study support done by other students. Students who did the actual teaching were taught and supervised by supervisors. All students participated in case review sessions where the group reviewed each case. Results showed that both the students who did the actual support and who did the observations formed “teaching skill” through their participation in the programs. Not only this study but also other previous studies which examined the effect of this educational support program showed a certain effect on formation of students’ abilities.
Niko Niko Room’s educational support program
students’ ability formation