Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 24
2018-03-22 発行

初任者用実践的指導力向上ハンドブックと指導教員用初任者支援ハンドブックの開発と運用(2) : 初任者教員と指導教員による運用を通じた成果と課題

Development and Operation of the Handbooks for Initial Teachers and Mentors (Ⅱ): The Results and Issues through the Use by Initial Teachers and Mentors
The purposes of this research are: (1) develop tools to innovate the learning environments of initial primary school teachers to grow as continuous learners, (2) examine their effectiveness to clarify the ways of initial teacher training. There are still many problems remaining e.g. the ability difference between mentors; connection of teacher trainings at on-site and out-side schools; learning environments for initial teachers. In response, we designed a standard of teaching competencies consists of eight categories and developed some tools accordingly: two handbooks for initial teachers and mentors; a teaching competencies rubric. We distributed these tools to all initial teachers and their mentors in Hiroshima prefecture to try them. Then we examined their effectiveness, possible uses, and development potential through a questionnaire survey targeting at only those who provided their consent its concept and method. The data from free descriptions was analyzed and considered by applying subject classification which is one of the text-mining approaches. As a result, we could extract their usage based on each teacher’s practice task and experience, effectiveness, and improvement potential. Our findings are beneficial as a fundamental material to consider about an effective support for initial teachers and their required competencies in contemporary world.
本研究は,平成25−26年度独立行政法人教員研修センター委嘱事業「教員研修モデルカリキュラム開発プログラム」終了後も継続して取り組んだ成果の一部である。なお,本稿はWERA Focal Meeting & HKERA International Conference(2017年11月30日,香港)での発表内容(Innovations of Learning Environments for Novice Primary Teachers in Contemporary Japan: Towards Fostering Teachers as Continuous Learners)を加筆・修正したものである。
Initial teacher
Mentor teacher
In-service teacher training