Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 24
2018-03-22 発行


An Analysis of Teacher-Student Interactions in Senior High School English Classrooms
Iida, Hiroya
Hata, Fuminori
The purpose of this study is to identify features of teacher-student interaction in senior high school English classrooms in Japan. In recent second language acquisition research, many studies have been carried out on corrective feedback to L2 learners’ oral and written errors. However, although classroom interactions include far more diverse interactions including error corrections, few studies have analyzed how meaningful and communicative those interactions are. Therefore, the present study chose two 50-minutes English lessons by two experienced high school teachers, extracted from their lessons a total of 85 units of teacher-student/ student-to-student interactions in English/Japanese and closely scrutinized them for common classroom communication patterns among Japanese teachers of English. The results indicated that the analyzed classroom interactions contained many teacher-dominated one-way interactions both in English and Japanese.
classroom interaction
corrective feedback
English classes