Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 24
2018-03-22 発行

教科の構造に基づいた小学校社会科授業研究 : 知識の構造図と概念的枠組みを用いて

The method of lesson study based on the structure of the subject: the case of primary social studies classroom
Kido, Natsumi
Kondo, Hideki
Bito, Fumiya
Gao, Jinting
Fukumoto, Masakazu
Yamaguchi, Yasuji
Kodama, Taisuke
Shigematsu, Fumiya
Yamamoto, Ryo
Yoshikawa, Tomonori
Kamino, Yukitaka
Tatara, Yusuke
This study presents the case study of the lesson study in a primary social studies classroom in Japan. The result indicates to propose a new method of social studies lesson study. While previous method tended to pay less attention to the context of school and children because of the focus of generalization, this study highlights the reality of diverse children in a classroom settings. Throughout the study, we compared the two items: The structure of the subject, namely, triangle relation of goals, contents, and methods and learner 's learning structure. Comparing the two items, we could see the effect of the process of teaching and learning on the children. It means that we can propose the new method by focusing on the reality of the classroom.
lesson study
social studies
primary school
sturucture of subject