Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 24
2018-03-22 発行

小学校体育科の思考力・判断力を評価するための動画テストの開発 : 跳び箱運動の「台上前転」を例に

Development of video tests for elementary school physical education to assess pupil’s ability to think and judge: An example of “forward roll on the buck,” a vaulting horse exercise
Sueyoshi, Tomoki
The objectives of the present study were to develop video tests to help pupils assess movements based on knowledge obtained during physical education classes, and to examine the effectiveness of those tests. We prepared tests that simultaneously play two videos of “forward roll on the buck,” a vaulting horse exercise, for third graders. The videos were selected by teachers to indicate differences in movements regarding technical viewpoints of the exercise.
The analysis of the results of the video tests revealed that a high proportion of pupils could correctly describe two viewpoints that teachers had especially emphasized, suggesting that the tests enable pupils to successfully complete assessments based on the acquired knowledge.
physical education
video tests
pupil’s ability to think and judge