Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 24
2018-03-22 発行

計算や文章題解決に困難がある児童への学習支援 : 外的リソース方略を用いて

A cognitive counseling for a student with weakness in mathematics: Utilizing external resources.
Hosokawa, Shin
This study is a case report of the cognitive counseling for a student who has difficulty with calculation and solving word problems. The boy was a six year student. It was difficult for him to calculation and solve word problems. He didn’t know how to calculate and solve word problems. Therefore he tried to calculate and solve ward problem by only his head so he often made careless mistakes. It seemed that he has poor working memory. To support his troubles, we used diagrams as an external resource for his thinking about meaning of the problems. In addition, we used the card that showed points to be paid attention to in the process of solving the problems. Our supports improved his performances of calculation and solving word problems, and he came to draw diagrams by himself when he solves word problems.
cognitive counseling
external resources
working memory