Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 23
2017-03-22 発行

韓国における「多文化教育」支援に関する一考察 : 多文化予備学校の実践を中心に

The Support of ‘Multicultural Education’ in South Korea: The Practice of Multicultural Preparatory Schools
Kang, Heeeun
This paper discusses the realities and possibilities of multicultural preparatory schools in South Korea, dealing with some policies of Kyong-gee Provincial Education Office. They are in the outside of the official education system in Korean context, but, funded by the public bureau, play critical roles to adjust children of multi-cultural families, which are growing in recent years, to the formal education system. Visiting a junior high school, as a case study, practicing the multicultural education, it analyzes how the school faces the challenges through the interview to responsible teachers and classroom participation. The findings are threes below.
First, the preparatory school simplifies the admission procedure for recruiting more students and focuses on Korean language classes on curriculum to connect the children more smoothly with the Korean public education system at the earlier stage. Next, despite of the government suggestion, customizing and individualizing education method is not always true in the current situations due to the budget insufficiency. Third, general schools rarely offer multicultural education programs although the bureau emphasizes that many other Korean students are required to recognize the state of multicultural society in current Korea.
multicultural education
preparatory school
South Korea