Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 23
2017-03-22 発行

社会科授業改善支援プログラムの開発と評価 : 教員養成・教員研修で活用できるオンライン教材とハンドブック教材の構成

Development and evaluation of the programs supporting for social studies class improvement: Structure of the online and handbook programs applyed to pre/in-servise teachers
Osaka, Yu
Kim, Jongsung
Inagaki, Kanou
Okada, Kouichi
Kawahara, Kousuke
Saito, Hiroki
Sako, Yuka
Takeuchi, Kazuya
Tuji, Yukihiro
Moriya, Fujihiko
Yamada, Kaoru
Yamaguchi, Yasushi
The purposes of this paper are to develop the online and handbook programs for the social studies teachers’ rational development and their class improvement, and to evaluate their effects for the teacher training and professional development. The structure of these two programs was designed based on modified Korthagen’s theory. The present results suggested that the usefulness for the social studies teachers was perceived by (1)pre-service and (2) in-service teachers, in addition, the possibility for application was also recognized by the teacher educator as (1) university professor who teach the methods courses, (2) mentor teacher who supervise the student teacher, and (3) senior supervisor who is in charge of designing the professional development curriculum, but they illustrated their different petterns of the significances, limits and utilizations according to their awareness of their problem involved as well as their responsibility. The authors implicated the necessity of the further linkage of online and handbook programs to strengthen their usability for any cases in order to support the teacher training and professional development.
professional development program
social studies