Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 23
2017-03-22 発行


Development for Art and Handcraft Class that Incorporates “Dynamic Expression” to Moving Craft Work by Programming
Kono, Nobuhiro
Isobe, Masataka
The purpose of this study is to develop an Art and Handcraft class intended for the implementation of programming education at elementary schools. The proposed class includes learning activities involving “dynamic expression,” in which craft works are moved using programming. In the development of this class, we confirm the validity of the dynamic expression by analyzing the learning contents and activities described under Art and Handcraft in the course of study. In addition, the class incorporates the learning method and teaching materials that are based on the relevance of technology education in lower secondary schools. The tentative plan of this class was evaluated by two university teachers having teaching experience in Art and Handcraft in elementary schools. They pointed out the importance of maintaining the learning motivation of students and devising crafts work materials that emphasize color and movement, as well as the need for incorporating personal theme settings. Based on these improvements, an 8-hour Art and Handcraft class was implemented to promote programming education in elementary schools.
Art and Handcraft
programming education
dynamic expression