Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 22
2016-03-22 発行

初任者用実践的指導力向上ハンドブックと指導教員用初任者支援ハンドブックの開発と運用(1) : 学び続ける教員の基礎・基盤の構築を目指して

Development and Operation of the Handbooks for Novice Teachers and Mentors (I) : Towards Constructing Foundation and Basis of Teachers as Continuous Learners
Kubo, Kenji
In this study, we developed Handbook for improving the practical teaching competencies for novice teachers and Handbook for supporting Novices for mentors and actually got them used by those teachers.

We interviewed three pairs of novice and mentor, obtained feedbacks on their contents & usability and analyzed them. As a result of this research, we reached following three conclusions: 1) Handbook for novice teachers helped in organization and accumulation of the documents of novice teachers training; 2) Handbook for mentors are contributory for mentors to support and to advise novices by offering useful knowledge and so on; 3) Standard can be an index of lesson observation and analyzation for novices as well as a tool promoting their reflections. Furthermore, it also works as a medium connecting novices and mentors.

We plan to keep on considering the valid ways to utilize these Handbooks.