Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 22
2016-03-22 発行

小学校教師の理科授業の力量形成に関する一考察 : 教職10年目までの追跡調査事例から

A Study on Professional Development of Elementary School Teacher in Science Teaching : A Follow-up Survey for Ten Years from the First Year on Teaching Profession of a Teacher
This study aimed to survey and discuss professional development of elementary school teacher in science teaching. An elementary school teacher was follow-up surveyed for ten years from the first year on teaching profession. As the result, characteristics of the view and teaching practice of the teacher in science teaching were clarified, and it was implied that the following four factors were important for the teacher’s professional development in science teaching; the first was continuous experience of teaching practice of science in one same elementary school, the second was repeated experience of teaching science classes of the same graders, the third was participation in science classes of another teacher as the sub-teacher, and the fourth was experience to face various actual situations of students.