Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 22
2016-03-22 発行

高校コミュニケーション英語教科書課末タスクの分析 : 本文テキストをもとにした技能統合を促す設問に焦点を当てて

An Analysis of Post-text Tasks in High School English Communication Textbooks : Focusing on Reading-based Questions Enhancing Skill Integration
Yoshida, Kieka
Kuma, Mizuho
Arima, Shiori
Kou, En
The goal of this short article is to analyze post-text tasks in Japanese senior high school English textbooks focusing on activities following the main texts to promote skill integration. Compared with the heightened interests in a series of textbook studies focusing on main texts, very little attention has been paid to the roles of post-text tasks in English textbooks. For this study, three senior high school English textbooks authorized by the Japanese Government were selected and their post-reading tasks were analyzed from the viewpoints of skill integration. As a result, it was found that relatively few tasks were available for skill integration in the analyzed textbooks and one advanced level textbook introduced some activities enhancing output of the learners’ own ideas and opinions.