Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 22
2016-03-22 発行

中学校技術科「エネルギー変換に関する技術」の基礎知識・技能を養う授業実践の検討 : TECH未来教材を利用した学習指導の計画と実践

Teaching Practice of Technology Education to Learn Basic Knowledge and Skills of “Technology of Energy Conversion” : Planning and Teaching using Teaching Material “TECHMIRAI”
田鎖 浩太
柏原 寛
In technology education, it is important to learn basic knowledge and skills regarding the “technology of energy conversion.” From this viewpoint, we considered a nine-hour technology class that is planned and taught using the teaching material, “TECH mirai.” As a result of this practice and the examination of 269 students (eighth grade), it was found that the usefulness of technology education and student interest in new technology and consumer electronics improved. The students self-evaluated their technological literacy, such as problem-solving ability, cooperative attitude, and recognition of technology. These results indicate that planning and teaching using “TECH mirai” was able to contribute to improved technological literacy.