Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 22
2016-03-22 発行

「水」を素材とした理科の学習文脈(地学領域) : 地球表層におけるエネルギー循環

Learning context in Earth Science education using “water” as a material : the function of the water in the Energy circulation of the Earth’s surface
It is considered that the current school education is not sufficient to motivate children’s interest and concern and consequently their learning can hardly be proactive. In order to perform motivation of study, it is considered important to understand the meaning of why they should study. For this reason, in the present report, the author has rearranged the knowledge of systematic learning in the meteorological field which is learned during the course of elementary and junior high schools, and has also shown an example of a learning style to continue to expand study along the context, in order to clarify the meaning of learning knowledge.