Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 21
2015-03-20 発行

社会科教師はどのようなカリキュラムデザインが可能か(2) : 公民学習材の開発と活用の事例研究 <学習指導法・教材およびカリキュラム開発>

The Possibility of the Curriculum Designs Implemented by the Social Studies Teachers (Part II) : A Case Study on the Development and Application of the Civic Resource Book
Watanabe, Takumi
Osaka, Yu
Nomi, Kazuyoshi
Yokoyama, Chinatsu
Wakahara, Takashi
Terashima, Takashi
The purposes of this paper are to describe the curriculum designs implemented by the four Social Studies teachers who have the similar professional background but the different teaching contexts / situations as well as educational belief, and to explain the reasons why they showed the various designs, even though they were requested to apply the common civics resource book into the regular classes.  

The present results suggested that the professional background had some or less influences on the assimilation of the way of justification of their civics curriculum designs, but their teaching contexts had more large influences on the differentiation of their designs. It was suggested that which the school preferred to support the independent practice, the collaborative professional development, or the programs / policy advocated by educational board, defined their decision how the teachers transformed their beliefs into the curriculum designs, particularly in the case of sampled teachers.