Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 21
2015-03-20 発行

韓国の生徒指導についての一考察 : 韓国の学校・研究機関の訪問から <生徒指導・教育相談>

Student Guidance in South Korea : The Schools and Research institutions in South Korea
Miyamura, Haruka
Mori, Erina
Kawasaki, Nanami
Watanabe, Etsuko
South Korea and Japan shares similar problems in school guidance. The purpose of this study is to examine the schools and educational institutions in South Korea to obtain implications of school guidance, which is necessary for Japan in comprehensive school guidance perspective. The findings of the study tour is that tertiary student guidance system, which is called “Wee system” was applied in Korean school system, and substantial support system was organized. However, the school education itself has not necessarily improved as expected, and on the contrarily, the schools that focused on activities on primary and secondary student guidance approach had succeeded in application of the program and been awarded as Superior Student Guidance School. According to these findings, the importance of primary and secondary student guidance and integration of tertiary student guidance was suggested, and teacher training programs that enables these approaches appeared to be vitally important.