Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行


A consideration about promotion of an inclusive education system
Presently, neither reasonable accommodation nor fundamental environmental management for construction of the inclusive education system towards formation of convivial society is fully ready. Surveying the special needs education systems of foreign countries suggested that they have an understanding of a child's diversity, and the pliability for satisfying individual needs, and are stepping up efforts. In our country, the problem behavior of the juvenile student in elementary and junior high schools and high schools, students with a developmental disorder or an attachment disorder, students in high school divisions of a special needs school are increasing now, and the increase in resource rooms for students with disabilities, fullness of the special support education in a high school, etc. are needed. Based on such the present condition and subject, I raised offer of reasonable accommodation, the production of a class group as one of the fundamental environmental management, and the importance of advancing these with sufficient balance as what should be tackled by the school, university, and administration. Moreover, I proposed training of "the academic ability which is not visible", fullness of inclusive education, extension of resource rooms and the special support class, etc.